Establishing itself back in the day as a weekly night at The Black Sheep Bar, Spectrum is undoubtedly a part of Croydon’s musical history. It moved to a short-lived but much loved club called Cage where it saw the likes of J Magik, Adam F and Bailey pass through it’s doors. When the Cage ended, Spectrum moved back to it’s original home The Black Sheep Bar where it now holds tri-annual bank holiday specials.

What’s different about Spectrum is that whereas many nights specialise in one particular style of Drum n Bass, Spectrum packs in many different styles, hence it’s name. It’s list of guests reflects it’s diversity (see below).

The five experienced and obviously passionate residents take you through a mash-up of Liquid Funk from Hospital, Amen Breaks from Inperspective, Jazz from Good Looking and of course the more commercial and ear bashin’ styles from the likes of Valve and True Playaz.

Spectrum’s residents are a complexed crew of DJ’s and producers who are often sometimes seen racing round the UK teachin’ our yout’s how to DJ, heard on all manner of Stations and smelt hangin’ out at the local Mecca of Dnb Nu Wax City. Here’s the lo-down.

“The first time I heard DnB, I thought it was shit.” Thankfully things change and after Four years as a Spectrum resident, Mek is now a Black Sheep institution.
Like all good DJ’s, Mek yields an eclectic taste in music from Jazz and Hip Hop to Rock and Classical. This is reflected in his unrivalled tune selection. On the production side, things are equally as liberal, with Mek trying his blessed hand at a bit of everything. A single relase with fellow Spectrum resident Krystal and air play from Radio 1, 1Xtra and Choice, Mek is looking forward to big things in the next few years.

Skope started listening to DnB “ages ago” and quite simply, to him the genre is more of a religion than a style of music. It is within DnB that Skope found his first true love, the Amen break. He can not only cite the history of this chopped up break like it were a mantra but he also utilises it’s power within the majority of the tunes he writes. Catch The Sounds of the Skope weekly on Select UK 89.6 fm.

A relatively new arrival to the exclusive Spectrum posse, Logik has never failed to impress when spinning the wheels. From the first time he played out at Cage, it was obvious this man could cause some damage with his ear for a good tune. Now, with the ways and means to produce his own music, his impeccable taste and love of beats will undoubtedly come across.

Spectrum’s newest addition, Krystal has been into the dance scene ever since he heard The Prodigy (boh!). Citing Liam Howlett as one of his idols, Krystal still enjoys doin the robot to “Everybody In The Place,” and his dancin’ antics in the booth have to be seen to be believed. A firm believer that “anything goes” when playing his set is always apparant and you can expect his style to send a dancefloor wild. Having co-produced tracks with Logik and Mek, Krystal’s future is blinging.

Resident MC of 4 years, Pokes never fails to please the crowd, hyping the crowd into a frenzy with a mix of poetical verse and frequent calls for a rewind. He has been involved in the scene for many years and has developed a style which reflects his musical tasted, Hip Hop and Ragga elements to his sound whilst still allowing the beats space to breathe.
Like the rest of the Spectrum crew, Pokes has started producing tracks ranging from DnB to Dub and Hip-Hop.

Spectrum guests have included:

Adam F, Andy C, Bad Company (D-Bridge and Maldini), Bailey, Digital, Ed Rush, Flight, Gain Recordings, Grooverider, Hype, JJ Frost, J Magik, Marly Marl, Moving Fusion, Nicky Blackmarket, Randall, Total Science, Optical and Probe, Mampi Swift


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