GRIME 2 REPHLEX CAT 160 CD 2 x LP released October 25th

Rephlex are hitting us with some beats that are sure to warm our souls this Autumn. GRIME 2 is out on October the 25 and features our favourite artists: Digital Mystikz, Loefah and Kode 9. These South London bass-criminals have been shakin and defining the Dubstep scene for sometime and Grime 2 is sure to send a few shock waves to those still asleep at the back.

Here’s the Rephlex loe down:

“Grime, dubstep, sublow whatever. We’re back here again but this is a new story.

The artists we’ve chosen for our second Grime showcase have a paradigm shift in perspective from the world of angry grime mc’s, instead of “this is my reality of the world and I can’t do anything about it except portray and repeat the anger”, their stance doesn’t accept that as all there is. These tracks evoke a quietly positive, dub wise, global sonic scavenging, open stance, change your perception and change around you is but a logical consequence, aggression carefully honed into a delicate art.

However, the music is always pinned down with an unmistakably real, heavy subbase; take pleasure in the pressure.

Kode9: Tracks 1) Swarm 2) Sub-Kontinent 3) Dislokated 9) Ping

Hailing from an alien land, Kode9 washed up noisily in South London in 1997. He is now resident dj at Fwd>>> at London’s Plastic People, and has been hosting a weekly show on Rinse FM 100.3 (Thursdays 7-9pm) since early 2003. He is known for his dubbed out skank and prolonged twisted mixing style. He hosted the “Hyperdub Transmission” show on for 2 years and promoted the Hyperdub sessions in Brixton in 2001. Since then he has been spotted at the Notting Hill Carnival, all over Europe and on his Planet Grime tour in the summer of 2003.

In 2004, Kode9 set up the Hyperdub label to release an armoury of accelerated and decelerated dub and dancehall influenced beats featuring the enigmatic Daddi Gee on vox. The label started with the highly acclaimed Sign of the Dub, a strange beatless cover of Prince’s “Sign of the Times” and “Stalker”, a seedy mutation of the Junior Boys “High Come Down.” The second release forthcoming is “Spit” and is an unlikely version of a militant rap classic.

Loefah Tracks: 5)Bombay Squad 6) Fire Elements 7) Beat them

From Norwood, SE London, grew up listening to hardcore and its transition through jungle into D&B. started mixing in 1996 by 1999 was playing out, began basic production in 2000. 2001, got a long term girlfriend and the music got lost. 2003…..feb…discovered fwd……july….dumped girlfriend, played Dj Hatcha my first tunes;”indian” and “twisup”……..august……indian and twisup get played at Fwd…….oct…..sign 4 trax (including indian) to big apple records.2004….Jan. multitude of dubplates being played on rinse100.3 and at fwd. In partnership with Digital Mystikz started dmz label….feb….dmz001 gets released(twisup/b/chainba)…june….djed @ fwd…..july..djed @ the end 4 rephlex..

Digital Mystikz: 8) Awake 9) Country man 10) CR7 Chamber

Digital Mystikz other wise known as Mala and Coki first met in their early teens, and later became devoted to sound through Jungle.

They later got into garage but got sick of all the bling, however they started writing music and going to forward for the first time made them realise that some of their tracks could fit into that scene.

The duo’s first release was the massive “Pathwayz” on Big Apple records, followed closely by the “Twisup” ep on their own label DMZ. (Which they set up with Loefah) This EP also became a favourite with the scene, with the “bassline opening the ground up from under your feet” heaviness of “B” being a standout

“It’s a natural thing “said Coki in a recent interview in Deuce magazine,”when I go home and sit down in front of the computer it’s something I feel from within”

“Music’s about meditation and education.” Mala added, “If it ain’t got the two for me then I don’t really get involved.” for audio clips and downloads. Click here for details of the Grime 2 launch party and Halloween bash with Kode 9, Loefah and Digital Mystikz amongst others.


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