Dark Tunes for A Dark Day

3 of A Kind
Originally uploaded by infinite.

Never mind the U.S presidential elections, dubplate.net have been dealin with their own voting. Much more casual and less hyped, we asked the forum abusers which tunes they consider to be the most sinister. Results show that the non-corrupt Kings of Apocalyptic Nastiness would have been Plasticman, Messiah and Distance but unfortunately they narrowly lost out to 3 of a Kind who have darkened our souls to the depths of despair with the terrifying tune that is Baby Cakes.. seems the voting was craftily rigged at the last minute.

Here are the WMD:

The Judgement – Benga & Skream

Crackbong V.I.PD1 (Youngsta V.I.P)

Horror ShowLoefah

SandmanCyrus & Skream

Devil Man, Devil Boy (Devil Man remix) – Mark One

Fire Hydrant – Wiley

Funeral Vibes, Delovely, Shallow Grave, ChaPlastic Man

Unit JamMacabre Unit

Urban Hero – Jameson

Beyond ContactNarrows

Ghost pt.1- Vex’d

Twister – Quiet Storm

ZombieSlaughter Mob vs Search & Destroy

Bubble – Macabre Unit (mark one remix)
Sno – Masaca
Murs Lit List, Murder Death Kill, Tasty Abuse, Techno Rape, War On Terror Remix- Messiah
Punch Bag –P.O.B
Battle Ram Remix – P.O.B

Empire, Replicant – Distance
Urban – Jonzie

Read the thread: http://www.dubplate.net/forum.asp

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