For some months I’ve been enjoying some mixes by a Bristol based DJ who goes by the name of ThinKing. Whilst I realise that he’s about as West as they get, Drumzofthesouth, despite the name can always make room for da outsiders…. in fact, the more the merrier.

A former performer in live Funk and Hip-Hop outfits (that I’m yet to get the names of), ThinKing has been DJing a mix of his eclectic tastes for around 8 years. The latest Broken Beat/Nu Jazz mix, is a selection of everything from the Bugz remix of Nithin Sawney’s ‘Rainfall’, to Roots Manuva and Ty, resulting in half an hour of pure uplifting, jazzy style beats. His wide influences include keys don Herbie Hancock as well as a huge selection of producers that include Cause 4 Concern, Full Cycle, Ray Baretto & Eddie Palmieri,Pete Rock, IG Culture, Darqwan, and the Ammunition labels. That said, ThinKing cites his only real inspiration as being ‘truly original music and fresh sounds.’

ThinKing Nu Jazz/Broken Beat Mix:

U R (Yam Who? remix) – Alison Crockett – Wah Wah 45s
Sky’s the limit (Yam Who? remix) – Raphael Saadiq – YAM records
Even if it is so – Q-tip – Ra Ra
Kissy face – Five Deez – K7!
The gnomes – Chris Joss – IRMA
Shifting – P.T.A. – EE Records
So you want more? (revox feat. Roots Manuva) – Ty – Big Dada
So long – Mr Scruff – Ninja Tune
Think twice – Detroit Experiment – Electric Soul
Happy – Max Sedgely – IRMA
Can you handle it? (Part 1) – Kenny Dope – BBE
Honest (Jazzanova remix) – Nu Spirit Helsinki – Sonar Kollektiv
Rainfall (Bugz in the Attic remix) – Nitin Sawnhey feat. Taio – V2 (tease)
Generations – Shur-I-Kan – Freerange
Spiritual (Seiji remix) – Reel People – Bitasweet
Wah Wah – Domu – Sonar Kollektiv
Get ya dub on (Jimpster remix) – Switch – Freerange
Love 2 Love – Just One – Neroli
Game of chance – John Tejada – Frenetik
I Look in your eyes (RIMA remix) – Korpi Ensemble – Archive
Mascarade – Franck Roger – Versatile
Melting blue ice (Seiji remix) – Joakim Lone Quartet – Bitasweet
Interstellar – Waiwan – Earth Project
Funky (a capella) – Five Deez – K7!
Turning the tide (broken mix) – Jinadu & Domu – Bitches Brew
I am the road (Bugz in the Attic remix) – Markus Enochson & E-Man – MAW

ThinKing Dubstep Mix: November 2004
Jazz Lick – Loefah – Big Apple
Splash – Toasty Boy – CDR
Twisup – Digital Mystikz – DMZ
Out Of It – SpectR – CDR
Life Dub – Loefah – Big Apple
Rage – Mark One – Vehicle
Ghost – Vex’d – Subtext
Reflect – Toasty Boy – CDR
Fat Larry’s Skank – Benny Ill & Kode 9 – Tempa
Thriller Funk – SLT vs Search & Destroy – Soulja
Elephants – October – CDR
Pop Pop – Vex’d – Subtext
Knowledge – Toasty Boy – Hot Flush
Jungle Infiltrator – Loefah – Big Apple
Are you ready? – SpectR – CDR
Lion – Vex’d – Subtext

Forthcoming events: Driveby, Electrical Beauty and Pie & Mash in Bristol.
contact: djthinking@gmail.com

Big up to www.fbrain.co.uk for audio hosting.


One response to “HEAR THIS: DJ ThinKing

  1. Thinking you the man !!! Big up from the IDWaka Matt

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