Love is…

Frontroom DJ
Originally uploaded by infinite.

Double Exposing Flims as in this pic of Skopes and my front room window’s kitten band playing John B’s We Like The Music (Latino Mix)

Digital Mystikz ‘New Life- Baby Paris’ as heard on Mary-Anne Hobbs Breezeblock Show (see below)

FBC Fabric and Reindeer (f-f-f fresh out of Croydonia) on the Buttercuts label. Got hold of their debut album ‘It’s not who you know it’s whom you know’ last week and have been playing it on loop ever since. Some of the finest poetry I’ve heard in an awfully long time and experimental styles reminiscent of cLOUDEAD. I love this kinda shit so along with the sunshine, I’m in my absolute element. Great to hear that they too are receiving Radio play, seems not all commercial DJ’s are deaf to the underground sounds that rumble beneath.

Martin Clark’s column- so much gushing about DMZ, he makes us look like we hate it.

Mex‘s remix of ‘Witness’ produced in reply to the competition that Roots Manuva ran a while back. His warm and upbeat jazz-dubby version can be heard on Mr Smith’s site as we speak… If anyone knows anything about Mex, please pass it on…

All of you lot who have been giving me mixology advice. I’d publish Blackdown’s Ten Steps to mixing except I accidentally deleted them…oops

Jazz Cafe which next month plays host to my most favourite Dub sound boys Sly n Robbie. Running out to get my ticket tommorrow…hope to see some of you there.

Big Brother. Love/Hate, Pleasure/Pain, Derek hurrah (so far), Kemal boooo (he’s a foo’).


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