Anyone for a game of Urban Croquet?

Some breaking news from Rinse FM’s N-Type :

“I’ve been working on a project called ‘Truly British’ which will be lauched for an entire season @ Harrods on Sept 5th. It is based on all true British Brands like Paul Smith, Vivian Westwood, Burberry, Jaques of London, Heinz, Marmite etc with a bit of a twist!

Last night I was invited to the offical press launch where they exhibited my Urban Croquet set Redesign to over 200 press alongside Paul Smith’s Triumph motorbike design and peices from Vivan Westwood etc. The night involved the Royal London ballet performing to the Chemical Brothers (which was f**king weird!) and loads of other sh*t! Oh yer and Bare champaz and sexy orderves! yum yum

I have redesigned the traditional country english game of Croquet and made it urban! On the 5th of september u will be able to actually play urban croquet on level 5 of Harrods.

Also on the same floor the launch will have a whole host of DJ’s playing (line up to be confirmed) which I will be representing doin a live dubplate mix. Shop till u drop!”

(as seen on

What What.


4 responses to “Anyone for a game of Urban Croquet?

  1. My mate “researched” a feature for V*ce mag on urban foxhunting, featuring his mate’s kid brother, a bmx and a bb gun. it was funny til a serious broadsheet newspaper rang him wanting to do a follow-up feature…

  2. hehehe! like the sound of that, i nominate my kid brother.

  3. Very spooky. Was down at the South Bank on Sunday afternoon and saw a pair of dudes in spiffing gear (ties, lairy shirts and sleeveless sweaters) playing croquet along the promenade.

  4. spookier still… i was on the southbank this weekend too. didnt see men in spiffing gear playing croquet, but did see the insect circus

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