"Its a bass seduction under compulsion,"

As a description of Dubstep, the above by Kode9 embedded in an interview with Southern Steppa has got to be the best that I’ve ever heard. His answer to a question which suggests that Dubstep is over-intellectualised on the web also makes for a highly interesting read…(as does finding out that ‘Hell’ is due for release!)

http://www.southernsteppa.com/articles/kode_9.htm (broken link)


4 responses to “"Its a bass seduction under compulsion,"

  1. “people are trying to cross it over into the mainstreamand for me that just loses the whole flavour and the idea of music it’s the underground vibe and that’s the way it should stay, you know what i mean…..it’s not for the charts, you know..it’s our music and we built it, you know what i mean..and i don’t want to see all the major people jumpin’ on it and exploin’ it, you know..”(Shy FX, 1994.)think about it.. maybe it is 2005, but…

  2. Alright, I see you’ve written this same thing on two seperate posts… Does “exploin'” mean ‘exploiting’ or ‘explaining’? I think it’s important to know… please be a gem and ‘exploin.’

  3. … and about six years later Shy FX and T Power made a white label 2step record (yes 2step – as Mystery Men), did a d&b mix (called Shake Ur Body) that took off in the clubs and then took the majors (FFRR) money and went for the mainstream. Now he’s kickstarting the UK ragga jungle revival with his Soundboy label.

  4. Blackdown, nice one for reminding me of Shake Ur Body… (had hoped it was dead and buried). Plinky plinky plinky plinky plinky plinky plinky plink…. and repeat….

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