Junes Tunes:

Directing you towards El Presidente Youngsta at Blackmarket Records, Soho.

Released today:

DMZ 004: Mood and Officer- Coki (Digital Mystikz)

Soon come:

HYPERDUB 003: Kingstown aka The Blues. Dub & Vox – Kode9 and Spaceape

ITAL 002: Salute and Mighty Wan- DQ1

KEYSOUND RECORDINGS 001: Drenched and Submerged- Dusk and Blackdown

SKULL DISCO 001: Mystical Warrior and I am Animal- Appleblim vs Shackleton

SOULJA 008: Belong, I Believe and Steam RollerD1

TEMPA 014: Request Line and ISkream

URBAN GRAFFITI RECORDINGS: Blue Eyes, Pull Up and BreakoutSLT Mob

Recommended retailers:

www.blackmarket.co.uk, www.boomkat.com, www.dubplate.net


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