Wild Wild West

© Georgina Cook

Much fun and peace felt in Bristol this weekend, which was largely due to finding myself in places amongst some of the city’s finest musicians, DJs and artist types. After bumping into a very calm and quiet D-Bridge buying pasta in Sainsbury’s, I later found Dylan & Robyn lounging in the dub chill out room at one of the three house parties that were going on over the course of the weekend where 2 of King-Pin’s DJs introduced me to the beautiful sounds of a producer called Nathan Fake and blessed us with the most enjoyable Techno-Breaks set that I’ve ever experienced.

Following by a wicked set of Techy DnB from DJ Kulak, Locus promoter extraordinare Rit kindly saved me from being stranded in the middle of no where and gave me a good early morning tour of the city in the meantime. Shouts to Pinch who I bumped in to all too briefly on the Saturday whilst on the way to a Chav themed House night at Timbuktu. As dubious as it sounds, it turned out to be one of the funniest nights I’ve ever been to and mashed me up so much that by Sunday all I could do was veg at Mako’s.

His exceptional Photek mix which I hope to make available soon truly iced the weekend cake and not forgetting shouts to Jemma and friends and their porno playing cards, Mr Magman and his Maths lessons (Fractals are cool kids) and of course the Muller man aka Reform who didn’t batter an eyelid whilst I frequently nicked his PSP for some Puzzle Bobble action. Big thanks to all… xxx

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