Oh Yeah?

Inspired by a can of Irish Moss I googled for “Irish Dubstep” (yes this is how my mind works) and found a link to an article in the Irish Independant about founder of Creation Records and the man who discovered Oasis, Alan McGee. Turns out the only reason it was in the Irish Indy is because it was originally published in the English Indy. None the less, it’s a good article about McGee who by the sounds of it has been through a bit of a rough time. Most interestingly, he speaks about his son who’s “…into dubstep, a sub-genre of drum and bass, and – not with my financial backing – he’s going to form his own label. His ambitions are to take dubstep and UK hip-hop and garage to America.”

Interesting that Alan McGee thinks dubstep is a sub-genre of drum and bass but then so is “…unbelievably, we have the same character.” Which is? “Obsessive. He’s encyclopaedic about music. He’s obsessed about music that I don’t even know exists.” When I do actually find out what’s going on in Ireland, I’ll let you know!

Irish Independant: “I Don’t Look Back in Anger


2 responses to “Oh Yeah?

  1. Alan McGee used to run a DnB label as a subsidiary of Creation back in about 98/99, called Eruption.He released some of his own tunes (written under the name Chemical Pilot) remixes by DnB ‘names’ as well. I say fair f*cking play, even if he is responsible for bloody Oasis.http://www.rolldabeats.com/label/eruption

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