Let’s push things…

fwd oct nov
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17 responses to “Let’s push things…

  1. Seems the Fwd>> debate is continuing… I’m hearing lots of people speaking out against the inclusion of Grime artists on the line-ups so I can only assume that this is your complaint too. Personally, I was slightly disappointed with the last Fwd>>, despite it being one of the most packed ever.Too many people on the dancefloor and a little bit of tension that eventually spilled out on to the streets made for a weird night. Seeing two of Fwd’s most infamous names (Youngsta and Hatcha) pushed to the end of the night was also disappointing especially when considering that they’ve been with Fwd since the beginning. That said, I’ve seen some good Grime acts at Fwd>>- Target, Skepta and Wiley being three of the most memorable. At the end of the day, there now such good nights elsewhere that cater more for the Dubstep side of things, that I don’t feel I have to rely soley on Fwd to hear the music I love most and neither should you.Great to see Benga, Skream and N-Type on the line up again and who knows, the Dubstep purists might find themselves pleasantly surprised by some of the non Dubstep acts. Stay open minded.

  2. Its great that the Destructive and DMZ nights are happening basically.Fwd is going to lose alot of its original audience.

  3. So what if it does lose a lot of it’s original audience,… you’ve just hit the nail on the head… DMZ. I can’t comment on Destructive as it hasn’t happened yet but can’t forget Skull Disco and the various nights happening in Bristol.

  4. fair point – original audiences count for shit i suppose.

  5. Those lineups look totally amazing. What exactly was the original audience?

  6. original audience was not full of little kids with their teenage angst and moody vibes – which is exactly how forward is gonna go.

  7. But what exactly does that have to do with the line-ups on that flyer?

  8. exactly what it has to do with the flyer is, that those artists will attract the aformentioned type of people – lowering the quality and vibe of the event.not white middle class people trying to beg black.

  9. “not white middle class people trying to beg black.”Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by this statement. Can you explain exactly what you mean? Do you mean musically classes and races should be kept separate? Thats pretty retrograde, isn’t it? Maybe you are just a snob? Or maybe you have a personal/financial investment in this debate which you are not being open about.What I mean was that musically those lineups are great and when I have been a couple of times this year, the night has been appealing to a more mixed crowd in terms of class and race like the club had when I used to attend when it began, as opposed to the dwindling small white middle class and male crowd it attacted when it was at its lowest last year. Last year I stopped going because I thought it was boring. Would you rather it was like that again? Are you mad?

  10. Anonymous said… “your a batty boy.^”Jesus I wish I had you internet argument skills. Look at that line-up for October – its good! There’s a traditionally ‘forward’ DJ on every week, its nothing but Hatcha and friends on the 4th…don’t you like Target’s beats even a little bit? I agree the birthday was a bit weird and rather intense at points, but you’ll end up fighting the destructive mid-90s drum and bass culture wars again if you lot aren’t careful. Short memories or what.

  11. And with the exception of a couple of labels and producers, we all know how boring drum’n’bass got post 97 after it had totally separated itself from and purges traces of jungle. Of course if you just want to make money out of the scene then following drum’n’bass’s model will line your pockets I’m sure. But the music will be boring as shit and will appeal to very boring people.What is at stake here is avoiding disappearing up the influence of technos arsehole and never returning. This may appeal to the technoheads in the scene.

  12. I’m with Logos on this one…fuk culture wars, let’s just enjoy ourselves. Muscially I couldn’t care less what everyone else is up to as long as I’m still having a great time at raves and events. If I stopped enjoying Fwd>> or any other night for that matter then quite simply, I wouldn’t go any more and would be happy with the memories of the good times that I did have beforehand. Besides, it’s not like we’re short of parties in this city, I’d soon find something else. what the hell has techno got to do with this btw?

  13. “what the hell has techno got to do with this btw? “Erm, a massive amount. Because when UK homegrown music starts sound like techno, its usually a sign of its death, i.e.the demise of jungle into (shit) drum’n’bass (techno at 180bpm)

  14. but it wasn’t techno heads that got their hands on dnb and made it fast and whilst i’m on the subject, if a person likes techno, it doesnt make them an arsehole. i don’t like a lot of new dnb for exactly the same reason, but i don’t sit around complaining about it cos there is still so much great music around. open your ears angry man….

  15. ill say this much – im looking forward to Bossman!dunno, seeing grime artists in a different environment is half the fun – the context isn’t a grime night, and you never get to hear the bottom end of terror danjah and wiley tunes quite like you do at PlasticPeople. So fuck the haters-a

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