Let Battle Commence

” A self-fulfilling prophecy is an assumption or prediction that, purely as a result of having been made, cause the expected or predicted event to occur and thus confirms its own ‘accuracy.’ “

With this in mind, if you’re one of the people assuming that Grime acts will attract an ‘unsavoury’ crowd to Forward’s>> dancefloor, then chances are, peaceful people are gonna stay away and thus the prophecy will be fulfilled but not because the crowd really is unsavoury but because everyone’s been convinced that it is. You wanna be responsible for that?

It’s obvious that Fwd is changing slightly. It seems the management (who to my knowledge have always been interested in grime anyway -Plasticman for example), are finally expanding their grime lineup’s in light of the grime artists that have shown interest in Fwd’s infamous dubstep sounds , as in seen in this photo of Jammer, Wiley and their crew reacting to this years Mystikz set and the addition of Skepta to the MC line-up.

No one likes change, but I can’t help but think there would be less fuss if it were acts from an altogether different genre being introduced to the flyers. What gets me even more is that whilst many of the Grime artists are embracing dubstep, many dubstep heads don’t really wanna know about Grime. If you really aint into the sound, fair enough. I myself have never claimed to be a HUGE fan of Grime (I have a tendancy to stick to the Grime artists that I’ve always liked), but to dislike it on the grounds that it attracts a different kind of crowd is ridiculous. As it stands, last week’s Forward had one of the most mixed and most energetic crowds I’ve ever seen, and I’m yet to witness any sort of trouble within the walls of Plastic People.

Here I feel I ought to point out that the trouble that did occur last week happened outside on the street, and whilst it was between two people that had been at Fwd, it was a personal matter between two grown up’s and not some ‘young grime ruffian’ picking on an innocent passer by. I apologise for failing to mention this and the fact that the tension that I felt was down to the sheer number of people in the club and NOT as a result of the music or the crowd but I avoided the subject cos quite frankly I perceived it as unimportant. Unfortunately, to some supposed music lovers, the trouble is important (even though it had nothing to do with them), and recent forum threads have focused more on this than the actual music that was played, leading me to pose the question, if you love Dubstep so much, why aint you asking about the latest dubs that Hatcha dropped last week?

Sure it’s easy to assume that Grime is aggy- the lyrics are often dark but no darker than the environment they’ve sprung from. There’s no getting around it, as wonderful as living in London is, it’s hard work sometimes so it’s only natural that the tension will come out in the music, just as it comes out every weekend in the form of brawls on the streets of Croydon. Whilst I agree that some Grime lyrics can be monotonous, I also feel that there’s just as much monotony within every art form- hence it’s important that they are allowed to evolve and morph, something which the inclusion of both Grime and Dubstep on Fwd’s line-up will surely promote. No one likes change, and I definitely don’t want to see Fwd changing too drastically but with Hatcha, Benga and Skream all present on Oct 6th, I doubt there’s much chance of that. Besides, even if it did turn into a mini-Sidewinder- with the bigger weekend raves; namely DMZ, Subloaded and Skull Disco in full momentum, and more on the horizon, we’re spoilt for choice. Maybe it’s actually the emergence of these already successful nights that have forced the Fwd management to rethink their line ups for fear of losing their crowd.

What’s shocked me most about this whole dubstep-grime Fwd debate is the blatant lack of respect that has been shown in the comments on on this very blog which essentially, was set up to share my thoughts and images of the music that I love. When I posted up the recent Forward>> flyer, I never imagined for one moment that it would incite racist and homophobic remarks, something that has irritated me to the point of sleeplessness.

As cliched as it sounds, haven’t we got enough war in this world without the added weight of being abused for our musical tastes or opinions? I’m all for healthy debate and banter but to personally attack someone on grounds of their concerns for music or the particular scene that they feel passionate to write about is blatantly ludicrous. World is crazy.


12 responses to “Let Battle Commence

  1. you take blogging and websites too deeply infinite. get your crunk and your groove on baby – its all about the music!

  2. it’s all about the music… that’s my point too. hope that comes across. enuff of these anonymous comments, show yourselves!!

  3. big post. (ps can’t you switch anon comments off in blogspot?)

  4. well put. why do people find it so difficult to understand that you can like both skream and d double (and want to hear them on the same night)?the 4th birthday bash was one of the most into-it crowds i’ve seen at fwd>>, and that’s a bad thing because why? roll on grime-dubstep unity in the future…

  5. Ahh Monsieur Hancox, I thought I spotted you skanking in the darkness!! I agree with you, a unity will be interesting, there are already DJ’s mixing up the two sounds and doing it well (kode9, blackdown, plasticman) so the next natural step is to mix the styles in production.Grime and dubstep are well established as seperate entities, so I doubt that any merger of the two will threaten each individual sound which I know is a worry to some. I think the key to it is that it should happen slowly. To my knowledge, Loefah is one of the first dubstep producers (of now) to make a Grime track- Lightz with Nasty Jack and Stormin’…proof that it can work. Really though, I’m on the look out to see if Wiley or Jammer’s future productions will be influenced by their visits to Forward>>. Anyone for some Murklestep?! 😉

  6. big, big post. ppl shld stop being so precious about fwd>>. ‘never backwards’, innit, so let’s see fwd>> push it on and make sense of the grime/dubstep relationship before any other nights quite get their head round it. and if ppls don’t like, they can get off their arses and put their own night on.

  7. well I was skanking in the darkness til the damn curtain came back, or off, or wherever the hell it went, then it all got a bit too bright.any more on that Loefah grime riddim – is it a dub or what? as for unity, as Blackdown and Dot-Alt keep pointing out, Request Line is like grime heads’ fav track at the moment. we’ll see if it snowballs from there…

  8. Loefah- Lightz (SE25 Dub) feat. Nasty Jack and Stormin’ as featured on Blackdown and Dusk’s Keysound mix. No idea if it’s due for release, but I’ll let you know if I hear anything!

  9. oh yeah that’s a fckin tune! i’ve rinsed that blackdown mix so many times, but i didn’t ever realise it was loefah. cheers though.

  10. All about Loefah’s Ghost1 Track innit infinite?

  11. i cant stand the FWD dubstep sepratists. Though i’d love to say that the two are co-dependant, the reality is probably more like dubstep woudlnt be anywhere without grime. That’s true at least in the sense that Rinse wouldn’t be a big big station if it weren’t for Roll Deep on Sundays etc. I hate to admit it but when the grime finished that night and suddenly 3/4 of the crowd dissapeared, the place felt a bit dead. It’s about energy levels,, it was too big a contrast. But big grime DJs playing Request Line and such is a good sign i reckon,-a

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