Oh my daze

Chill Out
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Dizzy head and fatigue, serves me right for staying out too much but it’s just too hard to resist London town in the twilight hours.

Last weekend was quite literally blinding and to a certain extent deafening (left ear’s fukked), with Skull Disco on Friday showing us once again how do things slightly differently. The evening started with getting lost on the back streets of norf london where the skeletons hang out, something which kinda made me even more raring to go when I did finally reach the gates. Inside, The Evil Mastermind (Shakleton) sat proudly in the new skull disco uniform, meeting and greeting his fans, collecting the coins and looking a bit disappointment as he explained that Loefah’s scheduled apperance was cancelled.

There was no weird MC with a tall hat and a thick beard this time which was a shame (I think) and even Shacks was minus his costume and mask that he was wearing last time, but it didn’t seem to effect his set which made up of predominantly his own bassy, highly percussive material that scared my friend Helen a little and although slightly intense was nicely refreshing

Next was Coki Mystikz reppin on behalf of Loefah (the offical statement from Sgt Pokes being that it he was having his head shaved). Coki suffered a few technical hitches when a speaker decided to give up, which at one point made it sound like we were dancing in mud (draw for the spade as Pokes said)- but his Mystikal bag of tricks easily made up for, specifically Loefah’s Ghost 1 – a killer of a Jungle sample mash up that received a respectful amount of rewinds and transported me back a good few years whilst remaining completely fresh. The DMZ camp have never made a secret of their love of old skool Jungle, and it’s none more apparent than this Metalheadz esque tune that had me smiling through messy dance hair.

A large portion of the Disco was spent in the chill out room which was nicely sociable and made for some good photo opputunites. As usual, I was sucked into the usual dubstep-grime / dubstep-breaks arguments, but healthy, drunken debate is all part of the fun particularly when interuppted by frantic visits to the dancefloor for Necta Selecta’s set that consisted of a number of wicked old skool dubstep and Jungle riddims.

It was however Saturday’s trip to London Zu at The Scala that was the highlight of the weekend. It’s been ages since I’ve been to a good dnb rave with a great soundsystem and a wicked crowd. Skopes played a wicked set back to back with Sabre, the highlight being Sinking Loop which he dropped to a pretty excited early doors audience. Bailey as ever was sublime- how he manages to maintain such a high standard of selection and mixing yet drop a completely different set everytime I don’t know. This time it was half an hour of dub proceeeded by loads of wicked Calibre beats. Unfortunately I had to shoot off pretty early but managed to get some cool photos that should be online very soon.

Shouts to all those that I bumped into, specifically all those who ran off with my camera and came back with some excellent shots- I’m lovin’ getting you lot more involved. Extra special love also to the Pubsession crew with surprise guests Mustardo and Pinch who provided the perfect Sunday sanctuary after a weekend of little sleep and big skanking.


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