New York, New York! / Aaron Spectre mix

Dub War
Originally uploaded by infinite.

So good they named it twice, New York has quickly become one of Dubstep’s biggest international bases thanks to a handful of passionate stateside producers, dj’s and journalists. Borrowing Miss Fiddy’s trick of posting online chats , here’s some news, views from across the pond via NY Dubwar promoter (see above), DJ and fellow blogger DQ.

infinite drumz (7:34:40 pm): what u been up to?
infinite drumz (7:34:42 pm): any parties?
quintild (7:35:01 pm): yeah lots going on right now
quintild (7:35:21 pm): the big thing i’ve been planning though is dub war w/ kode 9 this coming friday
quintild (7:36:01 pm): really excited about this night. things are looking really good for this one. the dnb establishment in ny is really getting behind it
quintild (7:36:27 pm): and the following night joe is sticking around and the two of us are supporting dj zinc at the same venue
infinite drumz (7:36:42 pm): mr bingo beats himself
quintild (7:36:55 pm): yep i gotta remember to pack my bingo records
infinite drumz (7:37:12 pm): lol
infinite drumz (7:37:23 pm): you in that stuff then?
quintild (7:37:56 pm): into it ya mean? a little. not toomuch, but i used to buy the occasional bingo tune.
infinite drumz (7:38:13 pm): ok
quintild (7:38:14 pm): 138 trek was definitely important
quintild (7:38:47 pm): so how goes the “lull” 🙂
infinite drumz (7:38:50 pm): lol you’ve noticed it too?
quintild (7:39:19 pm): well that’s been a topic on conversation on dubway’s forum
infinite drumz (7:39:30 pm): yeah
infinite drumz (7:39:35 pm): there is a lull
infinite drumz (7:39:41 pm): very few tunes being made
infinite drumz (7:39:43 pm): but
infinite drumz (7:39:50 pm): outside of london things are good
quintild (7:40:20 pm): hmm, you think dubstep is eating its dead or something? or just taking a nap?
infinite drumz (7:41:47 pm): i think it’s just hibernation time! music is a reflection of the people that make it. Generally, everyone’s a bit down at the moment cos it’s dark and cold so it doesn’t surprise me that there’s a lull. Also, the summer was so mental for the scene what with all the new nights that emerged so it’s probably just a bit exhausted
infinite drumz (7:42:21 pm): All will be good, I think it’s only ‘insiders’ that really notice the lull anyway.
quintild (7:43:41 pm): makes sense. the speed of progress seems to have been so rapid it’s hard to imagine it sustaining that energy level indefinitely. i mean in particular the number of mind-blowing tunes popping every week
infinite drumz (7:44:10 pm): yeah zactly
infinite drumz (7:44:16 pm): but how are things in the states?
infinite drumz (7:44:24 pm): big crowds?
infinite drumz (7:44:29 pm): media interest?
quintild (7:45:16 pm): in our case over here 1. most people are just discovering it so they don’t need to hear nuthin but brand new tunes 2. the parties are more spread out 3. there’s very few people playing it so there isn’t as much competition for playing tunes no one else is
quintild (7:45:31 pm): the crowds are pretty small but very entusiastic
infinite drumz (7:45:35 pm): cool cool
infinite drumz (7:45:41 pm): i’d love to come over one day
infinite drumz (7:45:45 pm): i need a new environment
quintild (7:45:47 pm): and there’s the beginnings of some media interest, but much stronger on the blogs
infinite drumz (7:45:51 pm): yeah
infinite drumz (7:45:58 pm): that’s what i love about this scene
infinite drumz (7:46:04 pm): blogs are like the modern day fanzines!
quintild (7:46:39 pm): very true. and the bigger publications just can’t keep up with the new shit as fast
infinite drumz (7:46:44 pm): nope
infinite drumz (7:46:59 pm): which tunes are going off over there?
quintild (7:47:06 pm): vex’d
quintild (7:47:18 pm): midnight request line is big
quintild (7:47:27 pm): vex’d knowledge rmx
quintild (7:47:32 pm): coki ‘officer’
quintild (7:47:59 pm): for the most part people don’t know the names/artists but know the big tunes when they hear em
quintild (7:48:05 pm): like 28 grams
quintild (7:48:10 pm): or crackbong rmx
infinite drumz (7:48:19 pm): nice
infinite drumz (7:48:30 pm): any record shops stocking it yet?
quintild (7:48:40 pm): just one. kim’s
quintild (7:48:48 pm): they’re actually sponsoring dub war
infinite drumz (7:49:06 pm): NY?
quintild (7:49:26 pm): yeah. the guy at kim’s who stocks the dubstep grime bin goes to london pretty regularly to get hooked up with the new tunes
infinite drumz (7:49:32 pm): nice!
quintild (7:49:36 pm): a producer named i-sound
infinite drumz (7:49:43 pm): dubstep?
quintild (7:50:11 pm): yeah they get all the offical releases usually like a week after they hit the uk shops
quintild (7:50:25 pm): but of course we’re missing out on the tp’s
quintild (7:50:38 pm): oh you mean dubstep producer
infinite drumz (7:50:51 pm): yeah
quintild (7:50:52 pm): nope but i wouldn’t be surprised if he tries it out
infinite drumz (7:50:56 pm): cool!
quintild (7:51:00 pm): he’s known as an IDM kinda guy
infinite drumz (7:51:06 pm): haha
infinite drumz (7:51:07 pm): wicked
quintild (7:51:16 pm): you know this guy aaron spectre?
infinite drumz (7:51:22 pm): i’ve heard the name
quintild (7:51:41 pm): oh man george ya gotta download this set. one sec

quintild (7:52:54 pm):

Aaron Spectre-  Life We Promote

quintild (7:52:54 pm): absolutely bonkers
quintild (7:53:06 pm): just one of the most mental things i’ve heard in a while
infinite drumz (7:53:10 pm): thanks!
infinite drumz (7:53:13 pm): American guy?
quintild (7:53:37 pm): i think he’s a brit who lives in the states. or it might be vice versa. can’t remember
infinite drumz (7:54:14 pm): ok
infinite drumz (7:54:19 pm): what sort of music?
quintild (7:54:53 pm): it’s a mashup of ragga jungle, dancehall and some grime
infinite drumz (7:55:13 pm): nice
quintild (7:56:02 pm): well i better get outta the house before this day is gone. it’s lovely out too
quintild (7:56:28 pm): out late watching wiley, shy fx, and j majik last night
infinite drumz (7:57:33 pm): how was that?
quintild (7:58:38 pm): wiley was at small venue in brooklyn as part of some world hip hop festival so that was ok. shy fx was heavy. that was in the former limelight, which is a big gothic church in manhattan
infinite drumz (7:58:49 pm): wow
infinite drumz (7:59:07 pm): any photos anywhere?
quintild (7:59:33 pm): no photos yet i don’t think. i didn’t take any but i’m sure someone did
quintild (8:00:11 pm): ok g i’m out. talk soon!
infinite drumz (8:00:11 pm): cool
infinite drumz (8:00:14 pm): laterz

2 responses to “New York, New York! / Aaron Spectre mix

  1. hahahah .. nicehope you dont post any of our mad chats ..

  2. dave doin’ things..he and I are planning..oh yes…

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