Uncle Loe

Big up to Mr Junglist-Loefah and Blackdown who between them have provided one of the most interesting interviews I’ve read in a while www.blackdownsoundboy.blogspot.com Great to hear Loefah’s thoughts about living South and even better to hear my home town (norwood!) name checked for all the right reasons.

Also check out Blackdown’s Pitchfork review of the year, which you can access through the same address above.


2 responses to “Uncle Loe

  1. yeah his comments on south mentality are cool aren’t they? i was thinking actually, if i was still working on pulse, would they have let me write a piece about dmz and plasticman and all the other south bwoys? have they, in fact, covered it at all?cause, y’know, there were enough pieces about big brovaz in there for chrissakes…

  2. Pulse is great but despite previous efforts to educate the SLP about Dubstep and the fact that it’s one of the best things to ever emerge from South London, as yet they havent covered it. Soon come tho.. I have a grand masterplan get me 😉

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