One day in East London

The 22nd of December 2005 will stick out forever.

Had I not made the decision to stay at my friends flat in Brick Lane after a night of French food, copious amounts of wine and Karaoke (no one can test my Boy George skills), I would have never have decided to go shopping around East London the next day.

Had I not photographed Youngsta at The Truman Breweries back in July, I would never have known about the place.

Had I not known of the place, I would never have gone into the art bookstore in the breweries in search of Tracey Emin’s latest novel.

Had I not been a bit worried about cash in the run up to christmas, I would have bought the book when I’d seen it instead of deciding to wait until I could get to a highstreet bookstore where I guess it’s probably cheaper.

Had I bought the book, I would never have spotted Pete Doherty walking by on the same street on his way to the music store (he’s a lot taller in real life).

Had I not received a call advising me to buy the Guardian newspaper, (the reason for which I would find out once I’d read through it), I would never had taken a diversion to find a newsagent on the way back to South via Liverpool Street Station after my shopping spree, and I had I not taken that diversion, Tracey Emin would never have walked past me.

Had I not decided that I couldn’t let one of my favourite contemporary artists walk past me, I wouldn’t have spoken to Tracey Emin yesterday and found out that whilst she’s known for being controversial, she seems like a lovely lady, and one who is somewhat shy.

Had I bought her book earlier, I may now well be in possession of a signed copy, but that’s an idea to let go of. As for the Guardian newspaper? Well, had I not have bought it, I wouldn’t have read that Mary Ann Hobb’s highlight of 2005 was dubstep- with her one’s to watch being Digital Mystikz, Loefah, Skream, Distance and Vex’d.

Had I not have seen this, my wonderfully surreal day wouldn’t have been quite so good.


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