Love-step Chart

Love squared

Uncompromising sub bass, dark basement clubs, skunked out vibes, dub zombies, barking MC’s that wanna merk ur mum…. all are stereotypes of Grime and Dubstep that no doubt scare people from reachin’ the nights before they’ve even heard the music. In my humble experience the sound draws out a mixed bag of emotions hence in the past I’ve practically moshed to Mystikz Neverland and New Life/Baby Paris, hugged a friend in elation during Loefah’s Mud, and shed a tear during Kode9’s Blues and Cyrus’s Prayer. As for Youngsta’s sets, well, I’m keeping schtum on that one but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only lady who knows about their power. So with emotion in mind and Valentine’s Day on the rainy horizon I’m interested in the relationship between the dark sounds of Dubstep and love in whatever form, leading me to pose the following question to the users of the dubstep forum:

“Any tunes you associate with your partner / special person? Any tunes filled you with such elation that you had to turn around and hug the person standing next to you on the dancefloor? Which tunes turn you on? Anyone gotten down and dirrty to a particular tune? Any dubstep babies been made yet? “

Whilst the topic produced an unsurprising lack of stories it did produce a nice chart of tunes that dubstep fans for whatever reason relate with feelings of lurve….

Funnily enough the majority of the chart is made up of two soundmen- Distance and Toasty. So if you wanna get jiggy tommorrow, you know what to turn to.

Thanks to all those who took part:

Dubstep forum Love-step chart

Dubchild- Take me

Pinch – Quawali

Dubchild – Voodoo
Distance – Swarm
Distance – Saints & Sinners.
Hawerchuk – Camel Toe

Skream – Lightning dub

Boxcutter – Gave dub

L Wiz – Habibi (means lover in arabic)

Skream- Summer Dreams

Boxcutter – Sunshine

L-Wiz – Egyptic

Toasty – Like Sun

Search & Destroy – Candy Floss

D1 – Envy
Cyrus – Prayer (Distance rmx)

Various Productions – Hater

Wonder / Kano – What Have You Done

Toasty – The Knowledge

Scuba – Dream

Toasty – Skinny


6 responses to “Love-step Chart

  1. luvey dovey/ mellow:boxcutter-november dubskream- monsoon- loefah mixquest- mirageskream- dutch flowersdistance- my demons down n dirty time:toasty- knowledgekode 9- lionbarburial- south london burroughs/ southern comfortdigital mystikz- earth a run redbenga “funky organ jam” dunno what it’s really called, but it’s runkin!!!digital mystikz – wrath viploefah- struck dumb

  2. big up georgie for such an angle.i try since some time to consciously understand the link between what we call darkness and maybe love or deepness in my own musical appreciation. i think it’s something related with melancolia, not really in a depressive way but mostly in an active, epic one. most of detroit techno tracks like derrick may’s or carl craig’s ones touch me in that kind of way. it’s like feeling the lack of something but facing the future with a kind of active hope to recover it…

  3. funnily enough I saw a couple munching each other’s faces off at Dubloaded this month. you’re definitely onto something here…

  4. to me the darkness in dubstep is about three intertwined things: urban frustration, power and masculinity.

  5. “masculinity”don’t you just find that a pretty depressing notion though dude, even if you think it’s true? that’s why i don’t stray towards the dubstep forum that much, it’s kinda, um, a bit blokeish. at least in the raves it’s more you find the gender (im)balance depressing george? i mean personally i’m not mad keen on getting my bump n’ grime on with a bunch of geeky blokes. luckily it’s not like that in our particular corner of plastic people :-)just to answer yr original question, too, i’d say skream’s ‘tapped’ for love and young dot’s ‘bazooka remix’ for lust. also, since yr decrying the fact that guys aren’t opening up/telling stories – I tried to seduce someone by playing ruff sqwad’s ‘died in your arms’ – the most heartbreakingly romantic tune ever. It didn’t get me anywhere, but that wasn’t the song’s fault… *rolls eyes* 🙂

  6. power? masculinity? easy there martin !!!

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