Nevermind the barnet

Maybe in light of my 25th year of life and thus the desire to shed the old George, or maybe just cos I’m too easily convinced by hairdressers that they can make this dahling look Fabulous, I’ve had my trademark tresses cut off and restyled into some Shoreditch-esque creation.

Some of those who’ve noticed it have put my lack of content on drumz lately down to too much time spent flicking the long blonde / red / brown bits around… Alright, so I have been doing that a lot, but really and truly my neglect of my online home is because my computer can no longer cope with me uploading hundreds of photos every week.

With this in mind…. Please be patient, I’ve been taking note of the emails and comments asking where my photos from Transmission, Bash and DMZ are and I assure you that normal service will be resumed as soon as I get this frustrating shit sorted out. Thanks for the continued interest and support, it’s most appreciated!

In case you haven’t already seen or Martin Clark’s latest Pitchfork column… DMZ’s birt’day bash was so packed that we were lifted them all the way up to the main room of Mass which was a complete surprise for everyone involved… words can’t really describe the feeling of moving from DMZ’s familiar, homely 3rd Base to the grand arena that is Mass- the change of scenery was a shock to the system but soon felt kinda wicked as the ever deepening bass yet again had more space inwhich to breathe. Big up Mala, Coki, Loefah and Poax whose pure determination and love has made their dance as special as it is, and of course, big up’s to everyone else involved, it’s a community thing for real. I’m lookin foward to seein what the next one’s all about, but either way, what an unforgettable celebration of DMZ’s 1st year of existence.

On the subject of birt’day’s, there’s a helluva lot lately. Love to my fellow Pisceans and/or Martians- Kode9, Jamie Vex’d, Elbow Bones, Joe Nice, Gutterbreakz, DQ, Mek, Ben Kei, Chris Instinct, Franck Piano Magic…anyone else I’ve missed out.

Peace and see ya later x



3 responses to “Nevermind the barnet

  1. you remembered me! aw, shucks I’m all embarrassed now. u comin’ to Subloaded? I’m looking forward to seeing the new hair-do…

  2. Since when has Gutta been easily embarrassed? ;-)DMZ pics on the way y’all!

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