Gis A Clue Kid…

Norwood Train Team
Originally uploaded by infinite.

He rocks one of the baddest hair-styles in dubstep. Alright, so it’s not in it’s full glory in this photo but trust me, when the do is done, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog merkage. It’s already so famous that even Joe Nice all the way in Baltimore is threatening to draw for the Clue Do. At 17, Norwood’s Clue Kid is also one of the scene’s freshest and most promising soundmen around with Chef, N-Type, Loefah and Kode9 amongst those who have already noticed his highly individual styles and openminded approach to vocals. Keep your ears pinned for Noz and Cloud Nine as well as various vocal collaborations with Cotti, Beezy and Lady Charlotte aka Arorah (pictured).

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