Bye bye…

The Joe Show (DJ extraordinaire)
Originally uploaded by infinite.

…3rd Base, the scene of 6 of the best parties of my life, a huge amount of emotion and a poignant journey for I and all involved from the beginning. (I’m getting teary!) DMZ have recently announced that as of May, DMZ is officially moving to Mass but not to the main room which had us straining our necks to see the DJ’s high up in the columns but to the middle room with it’s nice 16k sound-system. The hope is that it will prove a nice compromise between the cosy space of 3rd base and the overwhelmingly colossal heights of the main room and most importantly, will maintain the interaction between DJ’s and dancefloor that DMZ’s dances are notorious for.

DMZ @ THE MASS, St Matthew’s Church, Brixton SW2.

Digital Mystikz + Loefah
Kode 9 + Space Ape
The Plastician

Mic Mans:
Sgt Pokes & Crazy D

£6 members/nus for membership contact


“Ancient Memories” built by Mala – Digital Mystikz
“Ancient Memories” Remixed by Skream


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