Thanks to Portugal’s Slang Magazine who kindly gave me 8 pages of their first issue to splash with captioned photos of my time documenting the dubstep scene thus far. They asked me for an introduction to the scene, so I gave them a personal insight, looking specifically at Forward, DMZ, Skull Disco, Subloaded, Rinse FM & The Breezeblock and many of the artists, events and photos that are particularly special to me. Not to say that if you’re not in there, you’re not special. Plans for a bigger, more definitive collection of photos from my 2 year drumzofthesouth journey are on the way so watch this space. Much love to the two Nuno’s- Slang editor Nuno Carvalho and dubstep souljah Conspira for their genuine support and interest in the scene and it’s history- 8 pages about dubstep in a first issue of a printed publication would be considered a risk for many a UK publisher, so huge big up’s to them for believing.

Slang Magazine is only available in Portugal but you should be able to grasp a good idea of their style and fantastic design from their website In the meantime, if you really want to read the feature, email me and I’d be happy to send you the pdf.

Finally, check the latest Pitchfork ‘The Month in Grime/Dubstep’ for the hat wearing bad boy Blackdown’s definitive guide to all that’s happening (including an exclusive insight into his ‘Roots of Dubstep’ project) alongside a photo from what is already another legendary Forward>>.


2 responses to “Slang

  1. yeah their design is lovely

  2. Georgina! Can you send me the PDF?

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