Currently Feelin?

Burial– Burial self titled album, Hyperdub

Check Blackdown for an interview with the no.1 secret agent…

Skull Disco (photos on the way)

Andy Skopes– How do you feel Dubstep remix (dub):

Laydee Isa feat. Kashmere The Iguana Man- (dub)

Piano Magic

Loefah– Mud (dub)

Bjork- I Miss You (Post).

Vex’d– 3rd Choice (Loefah remix)

Kode9– 9 Samurai.

Hijak: Dally and Nightmarez

Smut Clothing, DJ Scotch Egg (crazy game-boy playing mo fo), My Space, Ginger Beer, Dylan’s (Dojy) artwork (see his above creation inspired by last night’s Skull Disco), New-York’s DQ, for managing to find a last minute venue for yesterday’s Dubwar after Rothko was shut down by police the night before…

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