1 dead body, 1 careful owner….

spotted on Gumtree.com:

“hello ive had a thought one day im gonna die, n to be honest the thought of my family fighting over what to do with me is enough to make any soul scream in limbo for years so to that end anyone who wants it can have me dead body.

i wont me around to deliver but i thought of this i could carry a card with ur name and address and should i leap of this mortal coil i could be sent to you or u can pick me up.

all bits n pieces working fine time of advert and has no problem being broken up n used for spare parts or even that ornamentall garden feature that your friends will be talking about for years.

in return make me an offer a nice one please concidering what u r getting….i would love a brilliant pc, driving lessons or something that will tickle me fancy…think about it the nicer you treat me, the nicer u would feel about having me stuffed and mounted like a wild beast.


so get your thinking caps out people, hope u all ok phil :)”


One response to “1 dead body, 1 careful owner….

  1. woaaaaah .. finaly ive been waiting for some new bits on here .. large up the one and only infinite!!!

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