Friday in Shoreditch…

Last week was the first Friday Forward>> that I’ve reached… I couldn’t believe quite how rammed it was. N-Type played a wicked set and although The Plastician’s was good, I’ve heard better sets from him. I missed the last set cos it was too damn hot for skankage in a the basement that is Plastic People and was instead pulled out by the idea of a rave that was going on around the corner only to find that it had been shut down by the police. As a result, the ravers who’d been made homeless gathered in Hoxton Square and before you could say ‘the rise of the idiots’ there were a load of people walking the streets with blinking lights and laughing gas balloons.

To me, East LDN’s an essential and familiar getaway from the South yet it’s noticeably different on a Friday night. The heat, the mashed up, buzzing bodies strewn all over the pavements and the ridiculous amount of police made it feel like Faliraki but for Shoreditch twats. Following the Beigel shop stop (Salt beef pratzel!) I ended up on a friends roof terrace watching the thunder and lightening and grooving to reggae covers of Elvis on London’s self-proclaimed official BBQ station. Nice way to spend a Friday and certainly more comfortable then trying to find some cool space to dance in town.

As myself and other regulars have said before Forward on a Friday is a bit weird but never the less, it was good to see a fresh and enthusiastic dancefloor. This Friday’s Fwd marks the highly anticipated return of Streatham’s El-B to Plastic People following his dubstep roots set at Fwd at The End last month. Also on the bill are Loefah, Youngsta and Geeneus. Should be a good un.


One response to “Friday in Shoreditch…

  1. hi georgina long time!very interested to hear what el-b will play. is he producing dubstep again?

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