"What is Croydon Techno?"

Fuk knows.

Billed as being ‘Straight Outta Croydon’ in last week’s Time Out, Dubstep has now reached The Saturday Telegraph.

Here are some extracts:

“Many of the music’s leading figures are based in the bleak south London suburb of Croydon, leading some to call it “Croydon techno…”

“Dubstep can, at its worst, sound like unfunky white man’s reggae,”


“Fuelled by internet forums and a community spirit that contrasts starkly with the individualism of grime, the music looks set to overcome its problematic name and any residual trainspotting tendencies on its journey to national and international recognition.”

Words by Gervase De Wilde, Photo by me taken at Subloaded @ The Black Swan, April 2005 😉


3 responses to “"What is Croydon Techno?"

  1. lol what a tosser – some funny comments about this geezer on the forum.Still if the Telegraph understood Dupstep I would be very afraid. Levels of expsosure tho mean bare fools at DMZ if last FWD was anything to go by.Pictures f**in ace tho – girl knows how to shoot ’em 🙂 I am really struggling with shooting in a club but I haven’t stretched to big flash unit yet. Give me time!

  2. that is a fucking incredible photo! even for you! 🙂

  3. Hi G! How are you? Last Sunday I recorded a show with some new tracks… I’d like to know if you liked them… And… I saw your photos in several nice mags! Great! 😀

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