A story of two people

I first found out about the sound track to the movie Paris, Texas via my friend Francky ‘the Flasck’ who played it to me back in April. Unfortunately, he only had a copy of it on mini-disc which meant that anytime I wanted to hear it, I had to knock on his door. The next time I heard it was purposeful. I had the overwhelming feeling that I needed to cry so I knocked on his door and asked to listen to the track ‘I knew these people,’ and proceeded to flood the room until I had nothing left but laughter. A story of intense passion between a couple that simply becomes too much for them to deal with, to this day, ‘I knew these people’ is the most tragically beautiful story I’ve ever heard and for that reason, I simply have to share it.

In my mind, this clip from the film doesn’t come close to hearing Harry Dean Stanton’s monologue and Ry Cooder’s guitar chords echoing in a room South London but I’m sure that when watched as part of the whole film, it’s equally as powerful. Despite confirmation that it’s a goodun from the countless people I’ve spoken to whilst my quest to find the soundtrack on cd (which finished yesterday, thanks once again to Franck), I’m unsure if I want to see the film in case it doesn’t live up to the soundtrack. One day I will for sure, but I’ll try and wait until the story has been lost from my memory with the hope that it will have the same impact it had on me as it did the first couple of times I heard it. This is an example of why I love I sound so very much. Enjoy.


3 responses to “Paris,Texas

  1. really powerful george. you got to me there for a minute!

  2. Paris Texas is one of the most unexpected powerful movies i’ve ever seen. I remember connecting to it in terms of being a man and what being a father could be like.So G, not sure what that means when you watch the film, but nevertheless – Paris is visually and aurally beautiful. You have to sit down and let it wash over you.

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