The Story of Oneman

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The Story of Oneman

I started DJing in 2000, I got a pair of decks for my 14th birthday.

The first record I bought was 2nd Protocol’s ‘Breakbeat Science EP’ on OZ Records. It was 2 plates with one tune per side and the were hard bassline driven 2step, Whistle Posse type bangers. I started buying Sidewinder and Social Circles stuff and went from there.

It took me about 3 weeks to beat match properly but I was running on belt drive decks for years so I always found it hard to get it bangin. As soon as I played on a pair of 1210s it was on, that’s when I started to learn how to use the mixer, equalizing and shit.

I properly got into music from listenin to garage tapes at school and then finding pirates to listen to it and make my own tapes. Delight fm, Upfront.. at school we’d each have a show in the week we’d tape cos a lot of us were from different ends like I could pick up Upfront cos I’m in Streatham so I’d tape Upfront garage chart show on tuesday, and one guy would get cris reception for Delight cos he lived in Battersea so he’d tape So Solid Sundays etc..

I’ve been playing on radio since November 06. I did a few guest slots on Deapoh’s show on SubFM before I joined React FM.

I never really wanted to be on the radio. I just liked trying to pick stations up and listen to them. I rarely knew who’d be playing or what they’d be playin but still, they were bad tunes. I used to just go cotch in the record shop and see what tunes were out hoping one of the 12’s on the racks was one of the tunes I’d heard the night before.

I only started ravin 2004 when I turned 18. I’m just a Fwd>> head really… that and DMZ is pretty much my raving past.

Why garage? Because that was the sound for me at that time in that environment. It was heavy. If you look proper into garage its the widest genre of music in the world.

Dubstep because it’s from home.

My favourite animal? Unicorn.



Skream – Lose Control
Agent X – Turbulance
Benga – Crunked Up
Alley Cats – Cover Me
Search & Destroy – Candyfloss
Zed Bias – Neighbourhood

Interview by Melissa Bradshaw


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