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End of March beginning of April, I was invited to contribute to an exhibition taking place at the Backackra youth hostel in the Southern Swedish countryside. The show was part of an annual Easter tradition in which most galleries and museums plus homes, shops, pubs and tourist sites display art of varying nature. It was a good chance to see parts of Sweden that I’ve never seen before despite having been a regular visit to the country since the age of 9- it’s a beautiful place – clean, spacious, quiet.

Luckily myself and fellow travelling friends – photographer Dean Grenier, Ida Bergsforr plus my good ol’ Uncle Barry who now lives in Malmo were able to catch Skream play at Kontra Musik. It was the first Dubstep gig I’ve reached outsite of Britain and NYC so was interesting to observe people’s reactions. The crowd seemed to enjoy themselves but there was none of the usual rewinds, no MC’s, generally none of the hype you get on UK dancefloors. The Swede’s are a great bunch of people, but pretty serious and neutral when it comes to most things including their dress- beige, greys, black etc…. the sight of a girl dressed in bright green glow in the dark clothing jumping up and down and pushing the button (who else was gonna do it?), must have amused them somewhat.

Big love and thanks to my Swinglish family who put me up and put up with me for nearly 2 weeks. Below are 2 Flickr links, one to mine and one to Dean Grenier’s who’s visit to Sweden was part of his marathon trip around Europe which began with London in March.

Drumzofthesouth Sweden, Georgie C
a love letter to trains, Dean G


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