Dubz on Sunday, Ida, Zara, their lovely friends and chocolate labrador named Augusta.

Food- olives, chicken, tapas. “Watermelon at a rave!” Alcohol.

Danced: Vice Boat party, Sonar…Kode9 & Spaceape, Skream, Justice, Dizzee Rascal, Digitalism, Hanna’s incredible bass face. beach party….. drumz, harmonica, bells.


Nail polish, shoes, bikini’s, sunburn and a happy 1950’s vintage dress…. bumped into an old London Jungle friend who exclaimed- “I saw the dress, then the camera and thought hang on a minute…

…I know that mad bitch!”


Streets: Wonderful Graffiti, beautiful buildings. Tweeting birds, kids playing football. Spanish people that don’t like tourists very much. South Americans that do.

Waves to die for (nearly killed us).

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