It’s fair to say I’m bored of the 7 letter word that begins with d and ends with p. Bored of the word, bored of the hype, bored of the increasingly generic wubb wubb, bored of silly boys aggressively asking me ‘do you know about dubstep tho?’ as I queue up for FWD>> and further more, the bloke at the last DMZ who questioned my presence because apparently I seem too posh (which he retracted when I informed him that I’m from St.Reatham). Bored of the lingo (altho admittedly I’ve probably helped to grow the popularity of ‘SIK’ & ‘BASSFACE’) and most of all, bored of the bitchin, moaning, cliques, clothing obsessions, machoism, wannabee gangsters and general ego tripping that appears to be rife within the London sub bass community at the moment.

So after a few days of feeling sick about all this and ready to fuk off to brighton and leave you to decide whether you’re a discriminating cult member or simply someone that likes good music, it was a relief to come across this wicked documentary created at February’s DMZ meets Dubwar Downtown which has reminded me why I’ve been passionately shining my flash light on this sound for so long.

I just wish more producers would learn from the likes of Mala who has he points out in the film is staunchly against labelling music – and who himself has a beautifully open mind when it comes to the sounds he listens to and as a result, the sound he himself creates. Similarly, Joe and Pokes who emphasise that it really is about the music and not about what or who the guy or girl next to you is doing and wearing.


7 responses to “blahblahblah…

  1. We love you georgie… and are in it for the same reason. Don’t let things get you down. It’s inevitable – all we can do is stay true to ourselves.

  2. hang tight g :)it’s dubstep’s loss if it wants macho wankers rather than you on its side

  3. i can relate…but you know what? theres a lot of good music out there. as soon as i re-broadened my focus i got much happier, and also all it put all that scene bullshit into context – its tiny and unimportant. lets keep it about the tunes and nothing else

  4. bb may i recommend getting deep into the entire oeuvre of bill evans? this has been doing it for me lately. also, i can see where you are coming from and how you are feeling but to be fair on d*****p, ur gonna find these things everywhere you go and it is up to the right people to keep pushing for what is important, to cut out the bullshit, and to ignore those ppl they dont wanna know. u know i have had mad experiences with stupid scenesters stuff this year – i’ve never experienced anything like it in my life! but i also believe that as big goals and ambitions get more tangible that kind of thing happens with everything people are passionately involved in; I’ve seen it happen to every single member of my close family at work in the past year. the machismo is probably the worst and most depressing for women, but the good thing is we stick together right? ; ) and also as a certain big lady always tells me, if you demand to be treated with respect you will get it.i hope that moving to brighton will refresh ur perspective and renew ur love for the amazing things that a lot of producers are still

  5. dubstep? just a bpm. house? just a bpm. jungle? just a bpm. spazzcore? just a bpm. etcbig up the good music is good music gang. cut the bullshit!

  6. Big respect from Serbia!Good music is what’s important. fuck all the rest!Your blog is great and it’s big source of information for me…Thank you 😉

  7. You’re a legend Georgina. Don’t let insecure boys in a queue tell you otherwise.I’m with Alex. The last couple of months I’ve had the attitude that if their dreary little hearts need the word dubstep so badly let them have it. My favourites are doing something else now anyway. Hopefully it won’t have a name for a long time. I’ve stopped worrying about a scene and started enjoying music again. It’s great!Hope you enjoy Brighton 🙂

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