Lost in the Cracks

This is the flyer for Croydon College’s final Fine Art Degree show of which I’m part of.  We wanted to call the show Da Cronx but couldn’t persuade our tutors. We settled for Lost in The Cracks, because Croydon is sometimes lost in the cracks as is our wonderful college amidst the annoying London art colleges that get all the fame (that said, The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding, Loefah and Jamie Reid all went to Croydon College!).

The title is also a reference to some of the work, including that of Annie Rose (who’s image is on the flyer). Rose walks the streets of Thornton Heath at night searching for disused flotsam and jetsom which she either photographs or collects in her shopping trolley. She’s amazing. Hope to see you there.



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