Flickr United…

…not a football team but a current project by “Fabulous Muscles” who is looking for hungry Flickr exhibitionists to photograph. So far he’s collected close to 40. Here are some of them:

I replied to his advert before I found out that I had been chosen to take part in Rankin Live. Which means a whole lot of being in front of the camera for me lately. It’s a strange place to be but I’m becoming quite fond of it. It’s not unlike acting, performing.

Theatre of choice for Fabulous Muscle’s scenes feat Infinite was Crystal Palace Park.>

Voyeur - Exhibitionist

I look like I had an accident with a fancy dress box, but thats fine by me.

Of course, being a photographer has a slight performative aspect to it also. I remember discussing that with Boris some time ago. A big camera usually equates to added attention. Like a fake limb, one has to learn how to move with it and deal with unwanted attention. Relish it or shy away. Use it or lose it.

There’s also the art of performance to get a reaction from the subject. The previous post about Rankin is an example of that.

So I’m rapidly in danger of turning from Voyeur to Exhibitionist within the space of a few weeks. I reported this to Fabulous Muscles. He said its okay to be both. Phew.


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