Happy Birthdays


Newly addicted to social networking I ask myself why still bother with blogging?

The answer, because one day I may look back at Drumzofthesouth,constructed from a billion beatings from my finger-tips and read stuff that would’ve never otherwise have been lost into the ether via my ears, nostrils, hair follicles or which ever other way thoughts manage to escape my mind.
That’s a nice feeling. I’m sure some of it will be immensely boring (as some of it is now), but as I say to those that say that they love to sing but cannot; do it cos it makes you feel good, that’s what’s important.
Happy 5th Birthday Drumzofthesouth (5) Happy 10th Birthday Blogger (10), Happy Birthday Hyperdub (5)
Here’s some info about what my little suburban – global 5 year old is going through right now…

One response to “Happy Birthdays

  1. happy birthday georgie! -dan fooishbar

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