Picture Palace

Something that knows that the disapperance of something is imminent. What is that feeling or phenomenon called? It’s like a moth with a final burst of energy flapping aggressively around the light-bulb.
The disappearance of self from home.
The gathering of photos of the area and house and friends.  The hoarding of memories.
Needing a change of scenery badly
Looking for a new home (still in London for now) but not having much luck.
And the mind sways from…Maybe I should just stay here because… here are friends, and down the road is family, and everywhere round here is community and there’s a tube line being built so I won’t feel quite so cut off from the buzz of the darker, dirtier areas like Peckham, Brixton and Shoreditch;
To… I need to get out of this annoying village-esque place of thirty-somethings AND LIVE IT UP whilst I’m still in my twenties.

There’s a Cinema Campaign and it’s big and on Sunday there was a NIMBY’s-are-us meeting of over a 1000 people. And I didn’t even know that a thousand people live in Crystal Palace never mind the 60,000 (eh?!) which somebody else suggested.

The deal with the Cinema Campaign? It’s Simple:

Who wants a business orientated church in the art-deco building that used to house the Bingo Hall (once originally a cinema)?
And who wants an independent art-house cinema?


No Brainer?

I’m a creative type (bllleeeeurgh), I oughta want a cinema; and I do… BUT I worry that it will yuppify this area even more that it’s already yuppified over the past few years and that I should I decide to stay in the area (largely because my family are near) or should I decide to leave and then come back when I’m older and should be living somewhere like here, will property be even more costly partially as a result of a cinema?

A philosophical quagmire. I wonder if life is easier in Barnet.




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