Long Live the Writers

Long live the writers

Trains. They’re not an obsession, they’re a third of my life spent rattling around on these long tin caterpillars, staring out through their eyes.

Living in the same city my whole life (-3 months+holidays), writers such as Anik become familiar yet always somewhat distant and anonymous friends. Like musicians I’ve never met but listen to frequently.

The railways would be no where near as interesting without their signatures which remind us of their existence in a place where it’s often difficult to be noticed. They make my journeys.


Locking up young graffiti artists and writers is imo, one of the most unjust things that happens in this country. SKEAM (small tag on the left) was a local writer who sadly committed suicide last year following a hard jail sentence for painting trains. Unfortunately, he’s not the first writer to die in prison. Read more about him here, and lets hope things will change this year.


More On The Train photos>>


3 responses to “Long Live the Writers

  1. It's one of the saddest thing I've heard in a while!Great work on the blog!

  2. thank you kindly. this is something i feel very passionately about; i will keep the blog updated with any petitions and demonstrations that i hear of

  3. in that first picture posted, slightly out of shot are the words "good morning commuters" (its just outside london bridge station)- always cheers me up when i see that.what people dont realise/consider about graf is that you have to take huge risks and paint in the dark to get the job done, for no commercial reward. thats not to mention sentences and house raids. it really is a labour of love.

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