"We’re all hung up on someone…"

…I said to my friend Sky last weekend in Tulse Hill’s lovely Portuguese Cafe following an amazing night at Plan B in Brixton (hear these related Roska and Subeena mixes) where I spent a portion of the evening, tapping my phone wildly in a drunken declaration of love to a dude I’m crushing on (forever teenage). The sending of the text was halted by a nice man from up North called Lee; he encouraged me to send it but I didn’t because by the time we’d finished talking, the club was closing and I was half way sober again.

Unfortunately, I lost Lee, my new agony uncle; much to the annoyance of the residents of Brixton who had to endure mine and Sky and Liam and Isa’s futile shouts of ‘LEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” into the dark winter night lingering over the high street.

Sunday, I move to Paris to live! Woop woop it’s exciting stuff!


2 responses to “"We’re all hung up on someone…"

  1. endz of an era……live long and prosper

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