Foreign Beggars

There was this MC on stage at the end of the last night of Sonar.  At first he was shouting a bit and I wasn’t too keen; then he started spitting, and quietened down, just riding on the beats. He was brilliant and I said so to Claire & TomDodd who informed me that he was Pavan from Foreign Beggars (who I’d sort of heard of); and that he’d played their night Plat Du Jour a few times. So I grabbed a couple of photos of him for them which meant luring him to the front of the stage with a couple of hand gestures; he subtly slinked to the front of the stage; I snapped then he slinked back. After the gig we all hung out of a whole 36 hours or so; and I’ve since had the pleasure of seeing Foreign Beggars live at Point Ephereme in Paris. It was like an explosion in a fireworks factory or something like that- as such I’m not at all suprised that they’ve been nominated for the Best European Hip Hop Award as part of the UMA’s.
Look out for their Beggatron Remixed EP dropping soon (I was lucky enough to get a sneak-prehear and it’s dope) ; in the meantime you can hear some great Foreign Beggars mixes here.
Photos by the fantastic Mar-One

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