Bye bye MAH :(

mary anne at desk

MAH by name, Ma by nature; if anyone’s held the growing dubstep scene tightly in her arms, fed it, nurtured it and helped it grow big and strong, it’s Lady Mary Anne Hobbs. It’s very sad to hear that she’s leaving BBC Radio 1 after so long… (14 years!!) so massive Good Luck to her in the rest of her prolific outputtings and an even bigger Thank-You for all the inspiration and support.

Her last show on BBC Radio1 was broadcast last night (September 8th) and featured a very special guest mix by none other than Kode9 & Burial. I stayed up especially for it and had huge amounts of fun bopping round my room to the some incredible Garage bootlegs of Brandy tunes, some propa old school Jungle and Mary Anne’s surprise last tune by Oris Jay featuring Ms Dynamite.

Listen back to the show here for a week…

and check ; her beautiful farewell & thank-you site with a mind blowing list of musical names.


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