Stenchman @ Splash, Paris (video)

D.O.T.S Bruk Camera Phone Diary. New series.

Technically this is Episode 2 ; with the first one being “Messy”- Loefah & Benga at Splash.

Stenchman wears a mask, shouts a lot and actively encourages moshing. He mixes straight metal in with his wobble.  He gave me a headache, or made the one gained earlier in the evening (beer & arm wrestling) even worse but it was highly entertaining. Trying to convince Stenchman to hand out Neurofen to the crowd. Splash is one of the few nights in Paris that I’ve seen people properly going for it on the dancefloor.

The journey home was the usual encounter with buskers and drunks on the Metro. This particular drunk gave himself a round of applause.


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