Introducing Newcity

D.O.T.S is very happy to welcome Charlotte Newcity as a contributor to the blog. Originally from Normandy in France, Newcity has been living in Paris for 8 years where she helps to organise and promote nights such as Splash and Jungle Juice.  A long time friend of the Bristol Dubstep massive – We first met ever so briefly at DMZ via our mutual friend, Liz Eve. We met again at Splash at Caberet Sauvage in April but in true waste styles, I was ridiculously drunk and neither of us could work out if each other was the same person from DMZ.  Thankfully, my brain eventually caught up and we met again at a hot summers day picnic at Parc De Villette. Since then, we’ve bonded quite seriously over music and bass and if you follow D.O.T.S on facebook, you’ll read that she now makes occasional appearances in my crazy dreams.

With the recent relaunch of D.O.T.S and a need for some extra pairs of hands to help with the content, it made perfect sense to invite Newcity onto the team. In her true fine style, Charlotte’s first post (above), is no half-hearted affair  – and is testiment to her ongoing dedication to and passion for music and the arts. Thanks Charlotte you’re badass.


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