D.O.T.S KPER WhatStep? MixTape

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Why haven’t you learned anything?

This weeks (heavyweight) mixtApe comes from a long time D.O.T.S comrade, Kper aka writer and connector extraordinare Laurent Fintoni. Being a man of words, I’ve left it up to him to talk about the mix himself:

“This mix was made after a discussion on twitter with Jakub, who runs Moodgadget and A&R’s for Ghostly. He asked which producers didn’t produce dubstep anymore and I jokingly replied that people like Kode 9, Mala, Shackleton and more did – in the sense that I never felt that these guys ever produced ‘dubstep’ per se. For me their music was always bigger, and deeper, than any genre name could contain.  They may have all started around the dubstep scene, and been an integral part of its birth and rise to popularity but I don’t think any of them considers themselves a dubstep producer – I know Kode and Bug don’t and I’m pretty sure most of them would agree too if previous interviews they’ve done are anything to go by. So that was the impetus for the mix in a way, to showcase dubstep productions which for me are true to the original ethos of the music and scene, embracing influences and styles that are far ranging are hard to fit into any box. That’s what got me excited about the music in the first place, and while it may have been lost to a degree following the music’s rise to popularity in recent years it’s still there in the work of these producers (some of which have clearly moved away from dubstep, like Shackleton and Scuba) and their labels and the new artists they’re pushing through.
The mix includes a bunch of tracks from the 06-07 era plus some personal favourites of recent times, from Bristol to London, Germany to Australia. Oh yeah and I felt that the best way to visualise this mix was by including a D.O.T.S /GC picture from the DMZ at Third Base days, which is how it’s ended up on the DOTS website – and I think it’s the perfect home for it!”
About Kper –
“Kper is the alias of Laurent Fintoni, journalist/writer and nerd at large. French/Italian national, adopted Londoner and spiritually Japanese, I’ve lived in the UK, France, Italy and Japan and travelled around. I run and curate monthly podcasts on Rhythm Incursions and Turntable Radio, write for a bunch of online and print (less and less) mags such as FACT, Shook, Serie B, I blog, I make mixes and DJ out and sometimes I also work and sleep. You can find me online in a bunch of places – check the blog (http://www.lo-la.co.uk) where it’s all linked. Bless.


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