DJG January 2011 MixtApe + interview

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Whilst I was first introduced to DJG via the photo site Flickr, those of you that recognise the name, will know that he is primarily a DJ and producer, or in his own words, Dean, a human from San Francisco. A firm part of the Sure Fire family, DJG entered into the world of Dubstep in 2007 with his energetic and dubwise 12″ Shadow Skanking & Joyful Sound via JuJu‘s label Narco Hz. Support from the likes of N-Type, Mary Anne Hobbs, Joe Nice and Skream have sinced helped to propel into the internatty bass & beats arena.

Marking the New Year and in continuation of D.O.T.S MixTape series, DJG has kindly provided us with this vigourous half-hour mix + interview which reveals a little more about him and his music.

GC: How would you describe this mix? / Why did you choose these tracks?

DJG: I think I have a bit of a bad habit over thinking things; whenever I do studio mixes I tend to get a bit bogged down in a concept or theme or labor over what songs to include and how it should all be presented and bla bla bla. This time however I decided to just hit record while I mix some songs I love at the moment and see what happens. A live set in the club would probably include a bit more dubstep, but this is probably what I’m feeling more at the moment.

GC: How connected is your DJing to your production?

It’s very very difficult for me to separate the two really, because when I’m working on music I’m thinking about how it would feel for me to play it for a crowd on a big sound system. I basically visualize the big room of Mass in my head whenever I’m working hahaha! But I’ve taken a break from djing for January and February so I can work on less dancefloor-oriented music as it requires a bit of a shift in gears for me.

GC: I just read an XLR8R article about yours and Sam Supa’s trip to DMZ birthday bash back in 2008, now it’s 2011 and DMZ’s about to celebrate it’s 6th birthday, how does it feel looking back on that?

DJG: Yeah my first real exposure to the sound system aspect of dubstep was at the DMZ 2 year anniversary in 2007 and we went back in 08 to try and relive the magic a bit hahaha. I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s funny. That whole vibe is still such a big part of what I do musically, being there the first time had such a deep and profound impact on me as a person and musician, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to shake that experience from my psyche. I have like this mental map of that place on that night in my brain forever. I’d love to attend a non-anniversary night, feel a different vibe.

GC: What was your musical highlight of 2010?

Djing at Fabric in London and releasing some 170bpm material.

GC: What does 2011 hold for DJG?

DJG: Well as I mentioned I’ve taken time off djing for the first few months of this year so I can focus on writing music for what I think will turn into an album. I don’t really know what kind of music this is or how to describe it, it’s different though and that’s keeping me excited. I’ll be playing at some festivals in a few months and with some luck will return to the UK for gigs and collaborations with friends on that side of the world. Stuff like that!!!

l-r: Barry, GC, DJG, Skream, Random Swedish guy, Sweden 2007


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