Welcome Fullfridge

Fullfridge open its doors tonight at midnight. I just wanted to say welcome to this new netlabel because it’s from France, and not from Paris but from the mountains, and most of the forthcoming releases will be downloadable for free on their website, which show how much they make it for the love of the music and the pleasure to share their  particular visions of it.

If we ask them who they are, this is what they answer:

“Fullfridge Music is an independant bass label based in the French Alps, driven by the only desire to follow its ears and push artists in progress from the worldwide scene. The very nature of net-label is based on the constant research for fresh future bass visions and finds its first pleasure by bridging gaps between dance music and home listening, sometimes by putting sofas on dancefloors and other times by plugging sound-systems in your lounge, whatever ? By the digital stuff we choose to release as free and artists in which we put our trust in, we hope to pass ages as your mom and dad transmitted you their golden age music.”

Now clic, download, listen, discover and stay tuned… http://www.fullfridgemusic.com