Mike Schreiber (Exhibition)

I took the above photograph in my bedroom some time around 2004 – 05 .  It sort of reads as a story board of that time. Just above Bob Marley and nestled between Roots Manuva and early DMZ flyers is Mos Def. I found he and Roots and a whole load of other Hip Hop legends at at an exhibition at Camden’s Proud Gallery, and took him home to add to my wall – not just because of his handsome face or my love of his music but as a reminder of why I was photographing music.

My reason for posting this picture (which happens to be my screen saver) is because a few days ago, the bigger version of the Mos postcard (below) appeared on facebook, advertising a solo exhibition and book launch of some of the works of Mike Schreiber, the photographer behind the picture.

“he loves taking pictures and hopes to never have another job in his life.”

(Mike Schreiber’s web bio)

The event titled “True Hip Hop,” features 12 photographs from Schreiber’s book of the same name, 12 photos that put full lips, gold teeth and hats and scratched up subway windows to names and faces like Wu Tang, Nas and well, New York City. Perhaps like Mos Def’s lyrical debate over what constitutes Rock n Roll, the exhibition will (perhaps purposefully) cause debate over what is or is not true Hip-Hop, but fingers crossed that most people will let the photos do the rapping.

Further info and photos from last nights launch event can be seen here: http://prote.in/feed/2011/05/true-hip-hop-launch

TRUE Hip-Hop (until May 28)

18 Hewett Street




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