Sonar 2011 highlights

As with every festival, it’s not just the music and the environment but the people that you share it with which makes the experience. You can call them Family if you’ve known them for a while, Rave Buddies if you’ve just met them on the dancefloor and if they’re people that you met the same time and place last year and whom you’ve continued to maintain a bond with, then quite frankly, you can call yourself Lucky, particularly if they’re as funny, silly, clever and gorgeous as this lot…

Mr Funny Fiesta photo

Richie Dixie Lion Gav

…and even more so if the festival doubles up as one giant and amazing (official or unoffical) engagement party, complete with golden sparkling hamburger ring for the most stunning couple I know.

Massive shouts also to the Barceloneta Beach / War time crew, particularly General Reecha who decided that if we were in the war, I’d be the old lady that reads stories on the radio. Perhaps he was hinting that I’m a sentimental old thing but that suits me fine Sir.

Robin Draper - Clooney All clouds lead to heaven Block party Zayns Backgammon Jeramy

And also to the roof-top BBQ crew who properly looked after me during my final hours in their city which looked incredible under a gloomy sky:

Emma, Amber, Osso DSC_0297
Rooftop BBQ DSC_0274lo

I leave you quite simply with a list of Sonar’s musical highlights and the FACT gallery of some of my SONAR BY NIGHT photos:

Buraka Som Sistema
Shangaan Electro (nearly made me cry with happiness)
Janelle Monae
Toddla T
BokBok b2b L-Vis 1990
Chris Cunningham
Mary-Anne Hobbs

And of course with a MASSIVE THANK-YOU to The SONAR team & the beautiful city of Barcelona, both of whom I’ll adore and walk around wistfully whispering, I love this city, I love this city, in that same sentimental old dear kinda way for as long as I can.


>> My Sonar 2011 on Flickr & Tumblr.


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