Like many, I have said much about witnessing and feeling our city burning down via Twitter and facebook. Now the best thing all of us can do is to advertise and participate in positive ACTION.

Here are the RIOT CLEAN UP meeting times and places all occurring tomorrow (today in fact) 9th August :

CAMBERWELL 10am – corner of Walworth Rd/ East St
CAMDEN Tube 11am
CHALK FARM Tube – 10am
CLAPHAM 9am – Falcon Pub
CROYDON – 10am East Croydon Station
HACKNEY 9am – Tackle Shop, Roman Rd
HACKNEY 10am- Hackney Town Hall
LEWISHAM 9am – Shopping Centre
PECKHAM – 8am – Peckham Library


Follow Twitter @artistmakers & #riotcleanup for more details.


One response to “LDN RIOT CLEAN UPS

  1. From Denver, wishing I could join in. I ❤ London. City of my soul.

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