I spent the weekend photographing backstage at Pitchfork Festival, Paris, where amongst other things, I had the pleasure of catching Bon Iver warming up in their dressing room. I had my camera at that moment but didn’t take any photos, because it was something I wanted to enjoy directly. The mental image remains in my head – a smallish room, bathed in the habitual yellow tungsten hues, 8 or so guys, singing with smiles on their faces, and just, in the background, sitting down with a guitar, Justin Vernon, the lead singer (often equated with the title Bon Iver, despite the significant band that back him.).

I’m honestly not sure what they were singing, but it doesn’t matter, it was beautiful and really reminded me of some of the great acoustic jams (ALWAYS my favourite kind of live performance) I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing over the years.

The proceeding concert was immense and full and left little doubt in my mind as to the bands passion for sound and Justin Vernon’s passion for romance and geography and the audience’s passion for him with ” I LOVE YOU BON IVER,” and a marriage proposal being just some of the audience’s heckles.

I feel like a very lucky girl.

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One response to “Magnificent.

  1. Digging this. It’s nice to see setomhing productive come out the protests and what a spectacular collaboration between Denver’s hip-hop community!

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