Happy New Year all the world!!

Did you have a wonderful NYE? Mine was spent watching LDN’s fireworks from a roof in Crystal Palace with a group of graffiti writers and a handful of lovely friends.

“This is OUR city! LONDON is OUR city!” declared the graffiti writers as Boris’ fireworks shot upwards into the sky. So fixated was I on the mushroom cloud formations, that I didn’t even think about the midnight kiss until Breezy shouted “Porj” a few minutes later and gave me a proper smacker on the lips.

It was a suitably special farewell to 2011, considering the abundance of good things it sent D.O.T.S’ way, including exhibitions, features, interviews and a nice slew of mix tapes ‘specially crafted for us.

More to come in 2012 (our 7th year!); keep in contact if you have love, goodness and inspiration to send our way and Drumzofthesouth will do it’s very best to spread it like Lurpak via largely ORIGINAL content on the blog, mixcloud and soundcloud pages.

According to Ashes57, this is my “Ready for 2012” pose, as captured by Breezy:

I am strong woman



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