Sonar 2012

Paris is displaying signs that summer is finally on it’s way which has reminded me to belatedly post some photos from this years Sonar Catalonia festival.

It was my 4th (and 3rd consecutive) and while I was darn happy that I got to experience the likes of Rashad & Spinn (with dancer Litebulb whom I am pictured with here), Metronomy, Nguznguzu, Flying Lotus and Hyperdub, I was somewhat disappointed by the rest of the festival which had me feeling strange to the point where I resigned as a freelance music photographer half way through,  only reinstating myself at 3am thanks to the endorphinous Azari & III.

FlyingLotus, a Sonar regular, tweeted that it was their was “too much robot music,” at Sonar 2012, so maybe it was that, maybe I’m just getting old and not quite cut out for 3 days of partying to mostly electronic music (and Lana Del Rey), or maybe as a fairly well connected to music Londoner I was simply pining for more garage, grit & grime. How spoilt I am.
MF Festival
GavDeco  Pinocchio cornered  Paint
Zaki Ibrahim, beauty
Run towards
Halo CrewSCRATCHA_DVA   GC, Scratcha  Pirate Zaki
AZARI(4)   DSC_0121  AZARI(3) Steph does the TomDodd Moon Walk

Pics originally shot for FACTMAG.COM

Shouts to Sonar 2012 superheroes: Ida, Steph, Libby, Pupsi, Dan, Gav, Laurent, Diagonal Mark, Marcus, Hyperdub,  x


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