“I AM everybody…everybody lost their s***” : Metamono @ Bambino’s

*title quote by Lucy L

Despite being reluctant to frequent the pubs and restaurants in the CP triangle (where I work, play, eat, love, give / am given, fight & sometimes fuk myself up) too often, in case the comrades get sick of me, I stayed in Palace last Saturday night; cos the Big Beary Godfather that is Andy Bambino was hosting the Metamono 7″ launch party in his shop and it’s somewhere I’ve never been to at night time and I’d heard that the last one was the boom shizzle and the Metamono guys have been to events at my café and Andy is a café guardian (as well as big beary godfather) and that’s how this community (breathlessly) rolls.

Andy’s a genius, not simply for his capacity to attract people as strange and bewitching as the objects he sells to his world, but also, I’m sure, cos he knows that putting on events and getting people drunk will lead to people wanting some of these strange and bewitching curiosities. (I left with a Metamono badge and a 7″ and have a desire for the bench of red chairs out the front of the shop).

Anyway, here’s the following day’s twitter review:

@Lucy_Lovebird “it’s like an old-fashioned Skrillex” #metamono#Bambinos#crystalPalace

©GC ‏@drumzofthesouth 24 Mar
 “I AM everyone” @Lucy_Lovebird

©GC ‏@drumzofthesouth 24 Mareveryone lost their f***** shit @Lucy_Lovebird I actually lost my cardigan, some brain cells, probably some dignity, you’re like an oracle.

©GC ‏@drumzofthesouth 24 Mar @METAMONOMUSIC Chez @andybambino s last night was INSANELY good

As the above tweet is so entirely true, I feel it’s only fair to expand on this in the form of :




All sound is now available to all musicians everywhere
 (until they’ve acquired Tinnitus)

Music has become a flaccid shadow of the social power it once was (FLACCID? Music, are you actually gonna take that?)

will restrict and limit the sound sources and techniques available to us in order

TO LIBERATE the imagination
(How was your weekend? Well, I had a really good space voyage on Saturday actually”)

TO ECHO the struggle society endures
 (like the echo of an emo artist type drinking testosterone from a bottle…Stelllllaaa-a-a-a Stellaaaaa-a-a-a, Stellaaaaa-a-a-a-a)

Our restraints will be our liberties
(The testosterone will later take liberties with a man by telling him to be quiet (mid conversation) just so you can stare at his handsome face. #feminismgonewrong)

Our limitations will be our aesthetic

We will kick against the pricks
(ooh do you want some help with that?!)


– use a microphone (luddites)

– use digital sound generation or sampling
- (u don’t rate hip-hop then fam?)

– use mechanical sound generation
(are we really all 30-60+ year olds raving in a furniture shop?)

– use digital sound processing (But seriously how are you doing this?)

– make overdubs
(but will put the dub in “so.over.dubstep”)

– be afraid of mono
- (Well I aint afraid of glandular fever either which is just as well cos I’m amorous when I’m tipsy)

– remix
(*looks around guiltily*)


– use analogue electronic sound generation
 (This actually IS the boom shizzle)

– use analogue electronic sound processing
 (is that what the millions of cables are all about?)

– use digital recording and basic editing when no alternative is available 
(just when you have me turning my nose up at digital)

– compose and mix simultaneously
 (& produce the sort of sexy analogue bass a South London bird dreams of)

– build their own or play used instruments (please can you build me a Theremin?)

www.metamono.co.uk  actual Metamono manifesto here: http://www.metamono.co.uk/index.html

There are some great pix by John Barrett here. Drumzofthesouth photos to follow


4 responses to ““I AM everybody…everybody lost their s***” : Metamono @ Bambino’s

  1. OK .So does that mean you want the red chairs?

  2. Brilliant, there is a few slaps missing.

  3. @bigbear I’d love to try them out to see if they work with the wonky ground outside, will be in touch! @mymatedave, I included some slaps in the first draft, ha, will try and write them back in

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